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Our customers know our teas, and many have an intense loyalty for their favorites. You have become more than just customers, our customers are the life-line that connects BTC to the community.
We at The Brighton Tea Company always felt that providing the finest in ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE teas was only the first step of our new journey together.
Since starting out together in 2013, we have learned much about each other. As a local small business here in Livingston County Michigan, we value the confidence and trust you have placed in us to deliver a quality tea at the best prices.
It is no small undertaking for the Brighton Tea Companty to take that confidence and trust as we expand our product line while contining with the QUALITY and ORIGINALITY our customers have come to expect.

Host a Tea Party

We are available to host your next gathering. Share the BTC with your closest old friends or with your new neighbors. We can provide the tea for your brewing or if you prefer we can provide ready to drink teas--HOT of COLD...

Group presentations

BTC can come to your next gathering of friends and members with tea and more. We have a variety of packages available for groups of 5 or groups of 200 people.

Weddings & Showers

The Brighton Tea Company can do your Wedding or Bridal Shower.
Let BTC bring te best in Organic Teas to the best day of your life! We supply the tea bags for each guest or we can provide the TEA--Hot or COLD for your reception or shower guests.

Baby Showers & Birthdays

The Brighton Tea Company can add that unique flavor to your special occassion.
Call and ask what magic we are able to perform.

BTC has been creating HEAT in the kitchen

Herbal Drops

Earlier this year, we introduced HERBAL DROPS at the Brighton and Howell Farmers' Markets.
While the HERBAL DROPS were well received BTC just was not satisfied with the packaging. We are anticipating a MID_SPRING release of the new and consumer ready container.

Tea Extracts

We know you LOVE your tea. Our customers fiercely loyal to their favorite blends. Regardless of our favorite, there are times when we just cannot brew a cup of hot tea. SO what can we do other than create a new line of HERBAL EXTRACTS. We have taken several of out most POPULAR teas and created CINCTURES or EXTRACTS. Just add a dropper to a few ounces of warm water and get the full flavor and benefits of a cup of tea when we do not have time to step.
BTC extracts are ALCOHOL based.

Add some BLING to you next culinary creation

Organic Herbal Blends

The Brighton Tea Company is more than drinks. We are always looking to spice things up and the kitchen is the perfect place. Look for our NEW line of CULINARY RUBS in 2016.

Group presentations

The Brighton Tea Company is available for GROUP presentations and discussions.
If you group is 10 or if it s 100 or more, the BTC can arrange a wonderful get together.
Packages vary and can be done for an ALL inclusive fee so everyone gets tea to take home, or the BTC can arrange for a presentation that includes an on site sale.

Tea today, Tomorrow...

There may come a time when you do not see your favorite tea, Not to worry, it is probably on the semi-retirement list.
We still will offer it, but it may not be on the current menu.
Also, we are constantly BLENDING up NEW delicious drinks and other goodies, so check our product line frequently.

Organics are more

The Brighton Tea Company PRIDES ourselves on using ORGANIC FAIR TRADE when ever possible. We are also PROUD to BUY AMERICAN and be a MADE IN MICHIGAN BUSINESS.

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