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The Brighton Tea Company is dedicated to bringing fine quality organic blended teas to your home. We promise to create blends that are free of artificial and natural flavorings. We use herbs and spices that are organic and when possible Fair Trade Certified. It is important to us that, as a consumer, you know exactly what you are drinking. The flavors of our teas are delicate compared to most commercial teas. We don’t add natural or artificial flavorings. We believe your mint tea should have real mint in it. Your green ginger tea has green tea and real ginger in it. We know this sounds simple, but there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Our teas need a little time to “bloom”. We use the word bloom because like a flower, the tea and natural herbs or spices, need a little time for their leaves to open up and release their full flavors. That is why your second cup of tea is even better than the first.

Package ORGANIC Loose Leaf Teas

The Brighton Tea Company offers a variety of loose leaf teas. We currently carry over 27 blended teas and an assortment of unblended teas.

Gift Boxes

We know how much you love a great tea. We now offer GIFT BOXES made of your favorite teas. Order all the same blends or be adventurous and pick ot an asortment of any quantity.

Individual Tea Bags

The same loose-leaf tea you love bulk, is available by the SINGLE TEA BAG.

Herbal Extracts

The Brighton Tea Company's NEWEST product. The same quality organic free-trade herbs we use in our quality teas are now available in condensed extract form.


We offer the highest quality stainless-steel mesh infusors. Each infusor has a hand-crafted fetishes for added weight and to display your tea personality with your neighbors.

Sun Benders

Unique and one-of--kind window charms. These whimsical window charms are made from stained glass and hand-wired to create a kelidoscope effect. Your windows will thank you.


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